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Don't rely on nod-nod, wink-wink hints that you are not prepared or RuneScape Gold are unable to substantiate. Pete Rose, Farnborough.I don’t get you lot sometimes. One moment the public complains about the scurrilous press prying into private lives, then, when the media shows respect for the privacy of individuals – such as the players at Bristol Academy or others drawn into this scandal – we are criticised for not naming names and dragging everything out in public, whether the innocent parties concerned wish for this or not.


He wasn’t sacked for abuse of an employee, but for abusing his position as an executive. Far from being nod-nod, wink-wink, the FA considered his behaviour worthy of Cheap RS Gold attention from its safeguarding unit. So there is very real evidence of wrong-doing – or will you not be happy until you get names and pictures to pore over?Martin, you have often stated your opinion that the


England team should have a manager and backroom staff that are English, and I agree with your point of view, but do you agree that the England women's team should have a woman as manager and an all-female backroom team too? Admittedly, this may not completely take away the possibility of inappropriate relationships forming, but as a matter of principle I think that it makes sense.


 KJM, Geneva.I have long believed a woman should coach the women’s team. Not for reasons of propriety but because if the RSGOLE Trader England Women’s team does not provide job opportunities for women in football, who will? I feel the same about the major African nations being managed by African nationals. If a black manager cannot catch a break in Africa, where can he?There is an old adage of there being no such thing as bad press.